Helping women physicians expand their possibilities

Ready to learn that

You don’t need to stay in a job where
you feel stuck or trapped?

Then you are in the right place. You have the power of choice!

Choose to unlock the potential of your career and embrace the
possibilities in your career journey.
Rediscover enthusiasm for your work once more  
Elevate your personal brand for greater opportunities
Spend more time doing what you love
Create more ease and flexibility with your schedule

Business Mindset MD is a business program for women physicians who are ready to:
Reignite their passion for work once again 
Feel supported in the journey of turning an idea into a business
Learn business skills that medical school didn’t teach you
Take ownership of your time and intellectual property
Be part of a community that is focused on personal & professional growth
The data is clear - women physicians experience higher burnout rates, receive less pay than males with equal training/experience, and have more demands on their time without flexibility in their schedule.
Become the CEO of your career and life – build a business that serves people in a powerful way and allows you to focus on what’s important to you.

Introducing Business Mindset MD

ONE YEAR membership
FIRST 9 weeks:
Prerecorded Pre Class Videos 
Workbook for each module
 LIVE weekly group coaching sessions

After the completion of 9 weeks you will get:
Office hours
Guest expert speakers
Access to the vault with 1 year of recorded sessions
A private
supportive community to help you thrive
Accountability pods to help you stay on track
Blueprints and resources for each aspect of building a business


From Vision to Success:
Creating Your Why, Niche, and Elevator Pitch as a Physician Entrepreneur 

Brand Beyond Compare: Unleashing the Power of Strategic Business Branding 

Cracking the Code: Achieving Maximum Visibility and Conversions through SEO Optimization 

Contract Command: Navigating Success Through Legal Mastery and Negotiation Expertise 

From Likes to Leads: How Social Media Optimization Drives Business Growth 
Financial Foundations: Mastering Success through Savvy Bookkeeping Strategies

Efficiency Unleashed: Harnessing Productivity Tools and Discovering Your Strengths for Maximum Impact 

Inspire, Educate, Thrive: Unblocking Digital Course Creation 

Charting Your Extraordinary Journey: The Power of Mapping Out Your Remarkable Life

PLUS Access to Our Vault Which Includes

You as CEO:
Overcoming obstacles & common mindset blocks
Telling the story of your business
Business Basics:
Contract review
Customer relations tools
Product creation
Creating demand
Lead generators
Paid advertising

Amplifying Your Voice and Reach
Paid speaking engagements
Course creation
Growing Your Business

Personal Wellbeing

Plus these BONUS Topics:

From Pen to Print: Unlocking Your Story's Potential through the Art and Importance of Book Publishing"

"Speak to Influence: The Art and Impact of
Creating Your Signature Talk"

"Radiate Success: Illuminating Your Business through
Strategic PR Mastery"

Plus talks throughout the year on lead acquisition and conversion, marketing and branding.


Our WHY!

Are you tired of witnessing women physicians
face unnecessary challenges? We were too.
That's why we've crafted a groundbreaking
business program tailored specifically for
women physicians – minus the exorbitant price tag.

Our mission is clear: empower you
to live life on your terms.

At our core, we're committed to guaranteeing that when you
complete our program, you'll possess a rock-solid foundation in
starting, running, and scaling your own business.

It's time to seize control of your destiny and thrive in the world of entrepreneurship.
Join us on this transformative journey and unleash your full potential!

Your Business Mindset MD Leadership Team

 Dr. Carrie Atcheson MD, MPH is a board-certified anesthesiologist and working mother, practicing in Birmingham, Alabama. She has spent her career working with physician leaders and hospital systems across the US to create positive change in their organizations and lives and developing an anesthesiology practice in which patients are encouraged & empowered to have their best surgical experience.  She has - occasionally with grace, often with tenacity - navigated the challenges of multiple cross-country moves, job loss during the pandemic, her husband’s professional burnout, and some toxic workplace environments.  These challenges highlighted what really matters to her: building rich community, upholding the dignity of all human beings, and leaving a legacy for the next generation.  She earned her Masters of Public Health in Health Policy and Management from the #1 public health school and healthcare administration program in the country, and she did so 8 years after starting her coursework, proving to herself that the path to something great is sometimes a long one.  She began her life wandering the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and the aisles of Pack Memorial Public Library.  She continues to thrive most when she is spending time in nature and with good books.
 Dr. Priyanka Venkataraman, MD is a board certified OBGYN physician, life coach and mother. In her 12 years of traditional OBGYN practice, she has delivered thousands of babies. Dr Venkataraman has seen and helped many women through all sorts of illnesses during their lives and now helps them live their best lives as a life coach.
Besides medical school, residency, oral board exams, starting a new career path, starting a new business, navigating her transition to motherhood was one of the hardest things she endured. This came to a forefront through the pandemic with a growth restricted, colicky newborn with several allergies and food intolerances resulting in 5 hours of vomiting even with formula. Dr Venkataraman managed to exclusively breast feed for 14 months while working "full time" as an OBGYN physician through the pandemic. Through her experiences she has recognized a need to provide support to professional women through their transitions.
Dr. Venkataraman graduated from the Wayfinder Life Coach Training program and she is working on getting International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification. Dr Venkataraman is the Founder and CEO of Wayfinding Moms where she has created a space and community to help guide professional women through transitions in life including careers, motherhood and more, and helps them find their true path to a fulfilled and joyful life. She feels most fulfilled when enjoying time with her family and guiding others through their transitions.
Dr. Sharon McLaughlin MD, FACS is a plastic surgeon, who created a successful private practice and subsequently transitioned from clinical medicine to a non-clinical career path. Driven by her passion to empower fellow women physicians, she founded the Female Physician Entrepreneur (FPE). As part of this endeavor, she established the FPE Business School to equip women physicians with essential business knowledge, enabling them to advocate for themselves and explore alternative opportunities.
Recognizing the prevailing tendency among women physicians to accept the status quo without fully understanding the range of possibilities, Dr. McLaughlin aims to bridge this knowledge gap. Through the FPE Business School, her mission is to level the playing field, fostering equality and empowering women physicians to make informed business decisions.

Dr McLaughlin has experience in creating courses, a podcast, a lingerie line, a skincare line, a scar gel line, digital marketing and writing a best seller.

What others are saying

"I am so grateful for Dr. Sharon McLaughlin and her Female Physician Entrepreneur Business School. It is SO valuable to have a Mastermind of women physicians to share in my entrepreneurial journey. Above and beyond that, Sharon shares so many well-vetted resources that we need along the I don't feel like I'm re-inventing the wheel. Truth is...taking the entrepreneurial path can sometimes feel daunting.. with Dr. Sharon you never feel alone, and always feel supported, celebrated, and lifted up! Thank you Thank you Thank you!"

Victoria  S.

“Sharon sets a tone and culture which invites us to be our very best selves - sharing, encouraging, leading. Having the chance to participate in her event was a breakthrough in confidence and direction for me. Thank you Sharon for all that you do for our community!"

Rebecca T.

"Female physician business mindset group has been an amazing find! I joined thinking it might teach me about business strategies. And it does! Sharon brings so much value to this group. Business insights, industry leaders/ speakers. But best of if all it’s a community. The women that show up are supported, advised, offered ideas and given a comfortable space to share their discomforts and fears.

Suzanne G.

"I have been a part of the business school for the last year and it has been such a great experience! I’ve learned so much. The community of this group is what I love the most. It’s such a supportive and uplifting environment. I’m so grateful for Sharon and appreciate all that she does!"

Meaghan A.

“Bravo, Dr. McLaughlin on creating a high quality, comprehensive, and guided program for physician entrepreneurs. I’d recommend FPE to any physician considering entrepreneurship”

Heidi A.

"Sharon is always available to help. She brings in the experts on various topics. She finds answers to all the questions and personally makes time to help and find answers. This is one of the most generous, giving programs I have been enrolled to. Thank you for all you taught and helped with Sharon!"

Malika M.

“I highly recommend the Business school if you are trying to build a new business or are looking to grow your existing business. Sharon's expertise and unwavering support will help you to move forward and achieve your goals. Her kindness, compassion, encouragement, and unique knowledge of all things business will propel you forward.  I was amazed by all the guest speakers Sharon brought throughout the year. We learned about copywriting, social media, and leadership,  how to start and run a business, among other things. And It is so important to have a supportive community!”

Oxana O.

"Priyanka took me to another level of understanding my doubts about my business during our coaching session with the business school.  I can't recommend her enough!  It has been fantastic working with her.  Very supportive environment and makes you feel safe to share your vulnerabilities and celebrate your strengths." 

Alicia Chitanad DO
Blissful Lifestyle Medicine


How long is your program?

The membership is active for one year which inludes access to the Business Mindset MD Vault for self-guided learning and membership in our online community for real-time support from our team and your female physician peers.

Starting September 2023, the Live Business Course includes 9 weeks of instruction on business essentials that can be played in video or podcast format, followed by live coaching sessions/workshops on each topic, supported by our online community. 
When will the sessions take place?

The Vault is available 24/365 for self-guided learning.  For the 9 week course, live sessions will take place Thursdays at 8pm EST/5pm PST to optimize for as many female physicians in the continental US as possible.   Replays will be available within 48 hours.  If you are joining from another country or time zone, please reach out to as we may be able to offer some accomodations.
Who is this program for?
The program is for any woman physician who wants to start or grow her business.  It provides the foundation for a successful and sustainable business and tools for leadership in your career.
How long are your sessions?

Live sessions are 60 - 90 minutes, depending on the topic and activity.  There is over 75 hours of teaching and coaching within the Vault.
How are the weekly sessions for the Business Program structured?

The complemenary video and live sessions are structured to optimize the value to our members while allowing for time to work through challenges and learn from each other. 

The live sessions are structured as a masterclass.  Video sessions are available the week before each live session & cover each topic in-depth.  Live sessions are less of a lecture and more of a workshop format in which members can work through questions they have, do live activities, and share personal challenges relevant to that topic. 
Is there one to one coaching?

Business Mindset MD is all about individual learning, group coaching and community building.   There is time for members to ask for help and advice during Live Sessions and in our private Business Mindset MD online community.  For private coaching (one-on-one coaching) program members can reach out to to check availability.
How will members communicate in the Business School Community? 

Members can communicate during Zoom sessions and in our private Business School Facebook community.
Do you offer CME?
Yes, our program offers 30 AMA Category 1 CME credits.
Who is this program not for?
If you don’t want to learn in a group setting or want mostly one-on-one support/coaching, this program may not be for you.
"Priyanka’s coaching made a significant impact on me even after a few sessions.  She has an integrated approach that includes mindfulness and uncovering your motivations.  I appreciate the range of tools that she provided to help overcome barriers in creating your dream life.  She has been patient, non-judgmental and truly supportive.  I would recommend Priyanka without hesitation to anyone!"

"I’m so grateful for Priyanka. As a healthcare worker, a mom, and someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease, I was really struggling to find balance. Life was truly overwhelming for me and I felt lost. She is helping me learn how to refocus, recognize and listen to my physical and emotional cues. She’s teaching me how to put myself first and not to feel guilty for it. My mental health continues to get stronger each time I talk with her. My outlook on life is changing for the better and I couldn’t do it without her! ”

"Thanks for everything Sharon. I have learned so much from you and the other ladies in the program. You created a wonderful community as well. I am stronger and more confident too. Thank you."

"Priyanka is such a gem to the coaching world. I am a certified life coach as well, so I know firsthand what an amazing coach she is. In my powerful session, she helped me pause and down regulate my nervous system to a calmer state. She helped me find the true innate answers that were always within me by acknowledging all the parts of me that needed to be heard. Through this transformational session, I now have more clarity to move forward in my work and life decisions. I am beyond thrilled with my coaching session with Priyanka and know you will also benefit tremendously."

"Sharon's group has been a lifeline for me. Starting an entrepreneurial journey as a full-time practicing physician can feel like trying to climb a mountain alone. Being in FPE is like being guided by someone (SHARON) who has been up the mountain several times with a team of like-minded women physicians who support each other along the way! I'm so grateful for encouragement from all the women in this group!"

"I've worked with several coaches in the past, but I found Priyanka to have an intuition with her coaching that was spot on and beyond most other coaches. She could see what was really going on even when I wasn't able to see it for myself and gently, but powerfully challenged me to try on new perspectives and approaches. I had a lot of fear around starting my new business, and despite a lot of mindset work I had already done on my own, working with Priyanka unlocked a deeper level of insight, understanding, and self-compassion. I now have a greater sense of clarity and motivation so I can move forward in building my new business and I'm excited for it!" -SF (Mother, Family medicine physician, life coach)

“Priyanka is changing my life. I am recognizimg my thoughts, their impact and am viewing my relationships in a clear light. She is helping me strive to be the best version of myself. As a working mother who needs a listening ear, she really makes me feel heard and seen. Priyanka, I am grateful for your expertise, support and guidance.”